Learn To Become a Powerful Professional Paid Speaker!


If you've been thinking about investing in professional training and networking for your speaking business, TODAY is the absolute best day to step into your new life. This offer will expire in 24-Hours and will NOT be back again!

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a powerful, heart-centered and influential speaker who earns large amounts of money while bringing a positive message to the world?

This is my world. It has been my world for more then 30-years across North, Central & South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and beyond. Do you want me to teach you how to make it yours also?

Imagine you are being introduced as a speaker. If is your turn. You take a long, deep slow inhale, and you exhale twice as slow as you inhaled. You say a short gentle prayer or affirmation I taught you. You feel inspired and ready to inspire. You know exactly what to do because I trained you very specifically in what to do. You feel confident. You are ready.

Imagine, ending your presentation. Imagine seeing the inspiration you awakened in people, feeling it, and seeing in shining in their eyes. Feel their gratitude. Receive their applause and words of gratitude. Imagine the organizer thanking you profusely and handing you a envelope with your speakers check...a big check. A check you once upon a time could only dream about and did not even earn in a month or several months for that matter.

And that is not all, they even give you a gift, and invite you out to the finest restaurant around for a meal. How does that feel? What if you can create this future reality?

I believe that with enough effort, time and practice - that day can come for you just like it came for me. I want that for you - if you want that for you. I can show you how. I've developed a system that you can learn and use to become a powerful professional speaker.

I'm going to share this system at my NEW Fabricius Speakers Academy in San Diego. I've made this three day immersion extremely affordable so anyone looking to get into the highest paid profession on the planet has an opportunity with this event.

The question now is simple, do you want it bad enough to show up?


October 27-29, 2017| SAN DIEGO, CA

You'll learn though live role model demonstrations, supervised and coached practice, group discussion, peer-to-peer feedback, video and more. Let's begin your journey. It could be the best thing you have done for yourself in a very long time. Do not be denied. Make the decision now.

Join me and you will learn and practice how to:

1. Build authentic confidence before making a speech
2. Lovingly take command the moment you step up to speak
3. Intimately connect with your audience within seconds
4. Use powerful bearing to earn respect and influence deeply
5. Use voice tonality to be absolutely captivating
6. Use your signature life story and words to inspire and educate people at a whole new level
7. Create powerful video messages to share with the world.
8. Monetize your speaking career!

....and more. Way more.

I look forward to seeing YOU at the Fabricius Speakers Academy!


Our Guarantee: If you, by our first break, for whatever reason, feel you are not in the right training for you, just tell us, return all materials, and we will give you a full and immediate refund. That is our guarantee to you. Fair enough?

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